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Kindergarten Ludwigsburg

2004July 20th, 2023

In the inhomogeneous urban environment at the interface between residential development from the 1970s and the industrial area, the strict basic form of the square was deliberately chosen for the comparatively small-scale children’s house. The two-story construction method leads to low space consumption and economical construction, criteria which were of particular importance for the feasibility of this object. In accordance with the particularity of the location, the ground floor and upper floor are rotated 90° in relation to each other. In addition, the corridors were designed as wide, generous play areas. On the first floor, these open up to the east garden with morning sun, and on the upper floor to the south to the magnificent Pflugfelden green space. These play areas are flanked by side rooms containing checkrooms, sanitary facilities and technical rooms. The peripheral location of the group rooms allows for optimal, two-sided lighting. Floor-to-ceiling glazing also allows toddlers to enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings. Large sliding doors open group and multi-purpose rooms on the first floor to nature. The walls and ceilings were built in F- 30 construction as wood studs or solid wood construction. The facade cladding consists of back-ventilated wood-based panels with copper cladding.
The construction costs (cost group 300 + 400) of 1 000 €/m² GFA are in the extremely economical range.