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District center Eglosheim

2002July 20th, 2023

In order to close the existing local supply gap in the Ludwigsburg district of Eglosheim and to create urgently needed, attractive living space, Wohnbau Ludwigsburg GmbH invited tenders for an expert opinion in March 2001. The design submitted by the project consortium consisting of the offices of Kai Dongus and Lang + Meinhardt won an award, and further planning was assigned to these offices. The realization of the urban district center was of great local political importance, since it played a decisive role in the success of the Socially Integrative City project in Eglosheim. The townscape in the area of Hirschbergstrasse is characterized by row buildings, which enclose spacious green open spaces. The compact overall development consisting of a grocery store and residential buildings takes up this typical building structure. The familiar row building is raised to the 1st floor, the green space that characterizes the townscape extends over the roof of the supermarket. The compactness of the structure, the use of serial, largely prefabricated building elements, and visible concrete and wood surfaces result in a contemporary design with extraordinarily low construction and operating costs.