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Star Restaurant Ludwigsburg

2005July 20th, 2023

The traditional star restaurant Alte Sonne on Ludwigsburg’s market square was fundamentally remodeled. By dividing the guest room, the gourmet area was reduced in size and an additional wine bar was created. In the star area, upholstered seating and deep pile carpeting create the desired noble mood. Seating niches with semi-circular benches lend the space authenticity and independence.Low-hanging light fixtures create intimacy and coziness. The wine bar picks up the color scheme of the star area, but was designed to be more open and flexible. The counter forms the center of the guest room. Dark tables and benches, together with the dark floor, provide visual stability and tranquility. The regulars’ table is located in an alcove as a special place. Fabric-covered ceiling lights create a variety of lighting moods. The reorganization of the entire building services made it possible to dispense with unnecessary ceiling jumps.